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Maryam'S STORY



Maryam Moharrery

Welcome to my kitchen. I was born in Tehran, Iran.

I am a doctor and I have been living in Geneva since 2008, following my marriage.

Good food has always fascinated me.


So, after my arrival in Geneva, not having the opportunity to practice my profession, cooking gave me this great opportunity to practice my passion in an international city, where the cuisine of the whole world is greatly appreciated.

In 2013, I started my professional career in this field at the “Grain de Sel” workshop, as Iranian chef, where I stayed for two years. 




at AMALA I feel fulfilled, I have met  women with the same desires as me.

together we are trying to do our best to bring you our own countries delicious dishes

Your desire is our success 


Our Official Partner 


We Are Proud To Announce Our Partnership With Manor AG Geneva Centre & Vesenaz

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